Calling on the phone

We only take calls from 9AM to 6PM EST, Monday through Friday ONLY > Except for live shark emergencies!!!


NOTE TO PUBLIC AQUARIUMS: Please, pardon all these warnings and requirements.  We are bombarded with stupid requests and incessant calls and emails from non-qualified home fish keepers and even college students haranguing us for pricing for school projects and other nonsense that wastes our time that we have to post all this.  You, professionals, know what to do.  Just contact us and let us know how we can help.  The following is for wannabes, shark huggers and those who would rob us our time and generally does not apply to you.  As you see, we are one of the few suppliers that posts an email address and phone number rather than an blind contact page in order to expedite your contact with us.  It comes at a price.  Thank you for understanding.

TANK SIZE: EVERYONE attempting to place an order OR REQUESTING A BID OR PRICING must let us know the size of their tank in feet not gallons and must submit a photo or other proof of the size of the system PRIOR TO ANY QUOTE!  If you aren't the curator of a public aquarium that we can immediately verify, you MUST first email us a photo with dimensions in feet.  We don't phone quote, so, don't waste our time calling for one unless you are a Public Aquairum.  We also do not sell sharks to people with guppy tanks and tropical reef tanks!  Sharks need minimum sized systems of 6 feet by 20 feet but do better in 15 feet to 30 feet diameter circular systems all of which depends on the species to be kept!

Do not call us ASKING FOR PRICES!!!  If you have not sent a picture of your system, DO NOT CALL AND WASTE OUR TIME YOU WILL NOT GET A PRICE!  We do not quote a shark to anyone who cannot house said shark.  We do not circulate a pricelist as you can plainly see from the web site!  SO DO NOT CALL US with superfluous questions, requests for information already on this site or prices not listed. 

If you have ordered from us, we will answer your questions and provide reasonable support according to your purchase (A $50 purchase DOES NOT warrant 4 hours of phone support after purchase).  However, if you have not bought anything from us, we do not have the time to talk to you about sharks and fishing and your tanks.  Please, do not use up our time.

If you want consultant help on tank construction or time, you can HIRE us or at least you should hire someone for the process or find someone locally to help you build your system.  We no longer have the time to offer free consultation on system design or construction without payment.  If you are a customer and have a problem, we will try and help you if possible.  If you have not purchased anything from us, we cannot afford to be your free tech support service.


We adhere to the laws of the states in which we collect.  We reserve the right to protect pourselves by reporting illegal activities to the rightful authorities for prosecution.

ONE LAST TIME, DO NOT CALL US FOR PRICES!  We WILL NOT quote a shark price over the phone unless you are one of our public aquarium clients.
Apparently the masses in highschool and college are ignorant as they will not read the above instructions.
You must follow the instructions above to get a quote. If you cannot read or you cannot follow those instructions, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME!
ATTENTION IGNORANT ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS: DO NOT CALL US!!! DO NOT ASK FOR PRICES IN EMAILS FOR YOUR ANNUAL AQUARIUM DESIGN PROJECT! MAKE THE ESTIMATE PRICES UP! NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE YOU A PRICELIST FOR A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME! We don't wish to be rude, but, you are robbing us with stupid inquiries that will NOT result in the answers you want but steal our most precious resource...time.

You can reach us by phone at 843-545-6577 from 9AM to 6PM EST, Monday through Friday ONLY.


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To view the list of species we can collect, click here.

Our collector maintains proper federal and state permits for all sharks!  We are professionals.
You should never buy sharks from anyone selling or collecting them illegally.  If you know that you are buying an illegal animal, you may face federal as well as state charges as an accessory to the crime or Lacy Act violations of state game laws.  Fish and game laws protecting these animals are being enforced.
Federal and state sentences have been handed out to violators in the RECENTLY!