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We maintain proper permits for all sharks.  We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers.
We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria.

Converting your tank debris back to ammonia for conversion to nitrates or whatever compound your filter can pull out of the water is a task best left to nature.  Biofilters work best without having to deal with methane, sulfurs or other gases of decomposition.  Plus, what you convert to a soluble compound moves with the water and doesn't require special siphoning or extra cleaning especially in those hard to reach corners or in places that you will never reach in your system.  What is the answer???  The bottom of the food chain, the animals that do the cleaning in nature can do the same for you.  We now offer them for you at great prices.  We have cleaner fish, snails, crabs, filter feeders, etc.  All for a natural solution that can convert your fish waste and leftovers into food for you filter or for your plants.  We will continue to add to this line as more species are desired.  If you need a species not listed here, contact us for availability.

NEW: Mini-flounders (AKA Freshwater Flounders) for removing worms including bristle worms.  We are offering these for coral protection.  THEY ARE SEASONAL.  We have a limited supply right now which will run out shortly.  Then they will not be available again for months.  See our Local Stock page to order them now.

Price List and Buy Now Options (Some species must now be sent overnight and are marked by **)

We are currently phasing in our new credit card merchant services company.  Square is used for invoicing most shark or large ticket purchases while we will continue for now and phasing Paypal for feeders, cleaners and small purchases for the convenience of online buyers.  Therefore, if there is no BUYNOW button below, either the item is out of season, out of stock or we are replacing the buttons for that item.  In those cases, you can email us for availability.  Thank you in advance to all of our regular clients for your patience.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING IS DONE 1 DAY A WEEK MONDAY - WEDNESDAY.  THEREFORE YOUR ORDER OF LIVE CRITTERS WILL GO OUT THE NEXT SHIPPING DAY not next day after you order unless you make a special order and pay for overnight or airline shipping!
CALIFORNIA, WASHINGTON & OREGON BUYERS: You will have an additional $15 freight fee on bulk orders and bulk shrimp.  That is, any order that will not fully pack into a USPS Flat Rate Shipping Box will have an additional $15 freight fee to cover the extra shipping costs to your state.



Hermit Crabs SC Large Species,
Clibanarius vittatus (thinstripe hermit crab)
They vary in size.  If you need them really small, let us know in your payment.
These come in the common shells   

Hermit Crabs SC Large Species in Fancy shells
Clibanarius vittatus (thinstripe hermit crab)
They vary in size.  If you need them really small, let us know in your payment.  FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING



Cleaner Snails Nasarius (AKA False Nasarius, Ilynassa obsoleta)   PM FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING
Great cleaners and meat eaters.  That is, they will eat the meat and bits left over by your fish while not attacking or disturbing your pets.  They do not attack or harm reef dwellers but will devour dead and rotting trash in the hard to reach places of your system.  Remember to feed them regularly if they finish cleaning your system and there is no build up left for them as food.

These predator snails will eat some detritus but will actively hunt clams.  They are wild to watch feeding as they overcome the clams indomitable defenses.  Use 1 per aquarium unless you are using them in a huge shark tank.

  2 snails - $16.99
  3 snails - $24.99
  4 snails - $29.99



Arthropods (Shrimps & Crabs)

Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio) PM FREE PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING
60 Shrimp - $34.99 
120 Shrimp - $59.99 
220 Shrimp - $74.99
330 Shrimp - $89.99
450 Shrimp - $129.99 
All buyers of 220 or more shrimp during the winter months, January through March 10th, need to include a insulated box fee of $10 unless you are in the Southeast (NC, SC, GA, TN, FL, AL, LA).  If you forget to add it at checkout, we will send you a PP request for the box charge before we ship.  It protects your shipment from being frozen.
You will have an additional $25 freight fee on bulk orders of 220 or more shrimp at checkout.  You will not be prompted, you must choose "Add Money" and include the shipping fee yourself before you press "Confirm Payment".


Molluscs (Snails & Clams)
Quahog clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) PM
Feed Carnivorous Snails

Whelks   PM
Display or Feed Carnivore Snails or maybe Nurse Shark food

Knobbed Whelks
Channeled Whelks

Horse Conch

REALLY BEAUTIFUL and really cool predator snail.  Their shell is beautiful orange or brown and their bodies are gorgeous, bright orange.  I only take a few a season.  So grab, when I have them.  One available now!

1 Large Appr 15" Shell  -   


Crossbar clams/venus clams  PM
Feeds Carnivorous Snails
1 Dozen - $    
2 Dozen or more - $ 
Each added number using this button represents 2 dozen each
Coquina clams  PM
Display or Feeds Carnivorous Snails

Feed Carnivorous Snails, Puffer fish and other fish that need to sharpen they jaw plates or bite plates, toothed fishes like Sheepshead, and large crabs
25 pieces -   $9.99  S&H $6
65 pieces - $19.99  S&H $6


Algae  PM
(We are still adding pictures.  We have also added new stock from our aquaculture suppliers.  Retailers: Call us for bulk wholesale pricing,)  Just select the type you want then click the BuyNOW button below!

All of my Algae works as a Nitrate Sponge eliminating waste and with some animals providing food.  Algae eating species like Angelfish may prefer to eat some of the algae.  I have no reports of using Codium with these, but, they should eat seaweed sheets just like tangs or other algae grazers.  Most of the algae is going to prefer water flow.  Codium and other branching algae offer sanctuary to small shrimp and fish in systems where mass water flow from filters is unavoidable.  Simply anchor your algae and let 'er rip.  Unfortunately, I cannot ship the anchors occurring naturally like shells and rocks as they would puncture the shipping bag.

Codium (Dead Man's Fingers) Green Fleece Algae Clumps
These clumps are large and therefore cost more to ship.  This species is an invader to our waters.  We harvest as much as we can each trip to try and eliminate it from our aquatic environment.  It appears to have arrived here from India in ships' ballast tanks.  It is excellent for Shrimp and Fish Fry.  It gives them great cover and hiding spaces as well as provides food supplement for grass shrimp. 



By the Quart  $9.99 
$7 no matter how many quarts you get!


Shrimp grazing on Codium laid Laterally rather than Upright.  Red Algae in Background.

This algae provides natural habitat for Grass Shrimp and a rich green color.  Should be placed in current for faster growth.
Full or muted light.

Seaweed Sheets
1 Portion is Roughly 30 square inches (Actual shapes vary)
Available in Red or Green
(If I am out of a specific color and you request a specific color, I will contact you with that info and allow you to wait or cancel your order.)

1 Portion   -  $7.99   S&H $6
2 Portions - $17.99  S&H $6
3 Portions - $19.99  S&H $6
Note: Actual S&H is more than listed but to make BUYNOW button menu easy, I kept it all the same and moved the overrage into the price of the items.

Red Algae Clusters 2 - appr. 3" pieces - $ (When available)
This species really adds beauty and natural color to your tank or can be used for shrimp in your refugium.  It is a great accent to a bland tank.  It should be placed in some current for faster growth.


SPECIAL OFFER: Recommend us on a Bulletin Board or Forum online and get some free food added to your order!!! Just send us the link to verify your posted recommendation of this page and we'll add to your next order!

We are planning to add Mysis Shrimp, Jellyfish and other food & live prey items to our menu.  If there is a specific marine or fresh feeder animal that you need and don't see here, email us and ask about it.  Chances are if its in the Atlantic or the Southeast, we can get it for you.

Our more complete list of species we offer is below.  Some of these are not stock items.  You can order them as needed and we will bid those orders individually.


  1. Blue crabs - carnivores
  2. Oyster crabs  - omnivores
  3. Emerald Crabs - herbivores
  4. Hermit crabs (Blue leg, Green legs, Rose legs, Specials in decorative shells)
  5. Our feeder Grass Shrimp both clean and provide an excellent food source for fish and other animals - omnivores


  1. Nassarius (Ilyanassa obsoleta or Ilyanassarius obsoleta) - cleaners  - omnivores
  2. Olive shells - scavenger cleaners, sand shifters - carnivores
  3. Moon - large scavenger, sand plow, coral gravel plow - carnivores
  4. Tulip - large scavenger with decorative shell - carnivores
  5. Banded tulip - small scavenger with decorative shell - carnivores


  1. Gray - sand sifters, great decoration with good scavenging
  2. Brown - smaller species voracious eaters - carnivores

Filter feeders that may help dissolved solids and micro-algae

  1. Ark shells
  2. Coquina clams
  3. Crossbar Clams

Algae for refugium or displays

  1. Green Lettuce Seaweed
  2. Green branch
  3. Red branch
  4. Red Algae
  5. Indian branch



Anything less would be highway robbery or straight up fraud.  Anyone who cannot guarantee live arrival of the fish they ship does not know sharks well enough to be in this business.
(Public Aquaria will get a replacement shark or receive credit towards other purchases or stock of equal value. Please, see the terms of your purchase agreement.)
If you can't house it, don't keep it!!!