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We maintain proper permits for all sharks.  We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers.
We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria.

We are developing new lines of supplies for educational purposes.  These will serve schools, teachers, universities, and churches.  Our newest line is the Marine Instant Aquarium©.


Why go through the difficulties of setting up a small aquarium and having to cycle the filters, order parts and furnishings from different sources.  THEN...try and hunt down all the compatible species to meet your lesson plan.  OH, and don't forget the lesson plan...  Does the aquarium setup meet the needs of a given lesson plan or set of lesson plans???  All this you have to do to meet a deadline of a few weeks in between all your other classroom deadlines and work.  SO, a month of preparation and hours and hours of extra work on a short term project aren't appealing to you???

Then, try our Marine Instant Aquarium©!  You can create a micro-ecosystem in your home or classroom in one day.  All you need is some saltwater salt mix and a 10 gallon or larger aquarium kit from your local department store or pet shop (or dust one off from the old classroom closet).  THAT'S IT!!!  We will supply the rest!

You get the substrate, initial aquarium accessories like hides for fish, shells for crabs, live plants AND live inhabitants.  Everything you need is packaged and shipped, ready to go.  And, all this comes with instructions (we hope to have a DVD for you soon, but, for now you will receive written instructions).  AND, you get the cycled bacteria and live substrate to charge your filters instantly without cycling.

Marine Instant Aquarium© Kit 1 - Shrimp Marsh

Marine Instant Aquarium© Kit 2 - Killer Snails

Marine Instant Aquarium© Kit 3 - Oyster Bed


(Picture from one of our Micro-systems)
(Palaemonetes pugio), red algae and Carnivorous Snail [Rock Drill]

Things you must remember to do!!!

  1. Set up your aquarium IN ADVANCE of the shipment from us.  Saltwater made from mix should be cured and aerated for at least 24 hours prior to introduction of live animals.  Deaths and bleaching can occur with the use of mixed seawater immediately after mixing.  Install an airstone and aerate the mixed water before we ship.
  2. Install your heater prior to shipping (if one is required).  Do not turn it on yet.  Do that after you introduce everything from the shipment.  In that way you will slowly warm and acclimate the fish to the required temp.  Using a heater with a temperature selector printed in degrees is preferable.  That will make acclimation safe and simple since the aquarium may not be in your home where you can check it regularly.
  3. Prepare your filter and place it in the tank to wet it in preparation for the live culture coming in the shipment.
  4. Check your salinity with a hydrometer and insure that it is at least 29 PPT.
  5. As these are Micro-ecosystems, you WILL need a FULL SPECTRUM light.  Use a GE Aquarium light or equivalent light identified as a plant or aquarium light.  This is necessary to sustain all the algae and plants in the kit.  You can get these at any department store.  Just match the outlet or screw in fixture on your hood or tank light assembly.
  6. Make sure you have the essentials in your aquarium set, light, filter (this set up will handle power filtration, no problem), air pump and stone as additional aeration, hydrometer (to check salinity), and a heater (if water will not be given a constant room temperature above 65 degrees F). 
  7. An Ammonia buddy ammonia level sensor is always a good back up to warn of problems.  They are available here on EBay at a good price if your pet shop doesn't have them.




You should never buy sharks from anyone selling or collecting them illegally.
If you know that you are buying an illegal animal, you may face federal as well as state charges if prosecuted.
Fish and game laws protecting these animals are being enforced.
Federal and state sentences have been handed out to violators in the past.