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We maintain proper permits for all sharks.  We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers.
We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria.

The manner of placing a shark order with us depends on who you are and what you are ordering.

  1. SPECIAL ORDERS for public aquaria are collected prior to receipt of payment or deposit!  Most domestic collection is now "collect to order".  We no longer stock a large variety of North Atlantic animals as they do not all sell and this is not the best option for the animals.  Others like Sandbar and Sandtiger sharks require special permits. We may have sold all of the ones on our permit or we must ask for another permit. Therefore, you MUST plan your purchases ahead of time and arrange payment and shipping BEFORE the season begins for best results.  We collect domestic orders in the order that payment was received.  So, you should not wait to place an order.  That will put you lower on the list not at the top of the list! THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO IMPORT STOCK such as Indo-Pacifics and corals except with certain sharks that rarely some in. With a shark like the Bowfin, you have to preorder for the next available specimen as they are not a commonly caught shark. Contact us directly for more information and to plan your next order.
  2. TANK SIZE: EVERYONE attempting to order sharks for home aquariums OR SIMPLY REQUESTING A BID OR PRICING must let us know the size of your tank and must submit a photo or other proof of the size of the system.  We do not sell obligate swimmer sharks like hammerheads to people with guppy tanks and tropical reef tanks!  Obligate swimmer sharks need minimum sized systems of 6 feet by 20 feet but do better in 15 feet to 30 feet diameter circular systems! THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO HORN SHARK, PORT JACKSON SHARK, EPAULETTE SHARKS or any other sessile shark only the obligate swimmers. If you don't know the difference, submit the photo and dimensions with your inquiry.
  3. If you are a public aquarium, you should contact us at least 3 months before you need the domestic special order fish and at least a month before the collection season for the species begins whenever possible.  If you are uncertain when your species must be collected, just contact us as soon as you think you want a species.  You will need to arrange payment with us by phone, confirmed by a written agreement.  Your order will require upfront full payment or a deposit depending on what you are ordering and the availability.   You may pay by cash, cashiers check, wire transfer, (fee may apply), money order, or Bitcoin.  We do not offer anyone net 30 days or other credit arrangements, especially on an initial order.  Repeat clientele or contracts may receive terms dictated by a written agreement.  Orders are prepay or deposit with balance prior to shipment or full prepay at our discretion.
  4. Individuals: You should contact us by email or phone requesting a bid on your order as well as expected availability.  You can then arrange payment.  Your order will require upfront full payment or a deposit depending on what you are ordering and the availability.  You may pay by cash, cashiers check, wire transfer, money order or Bitcoin. 
  5. If you are a pet shop, jobber, or wholesaler, you should try to order as much as you can at one time to save on shipping and assure that you get what you need before supply runs out.  Our stock in our foreign stations sells out on a weekly basis. Also, if you order payment does not arrive in time and the stock is already sold, you will have to wait until restocking for your shipment. Full payment prior to air shipping is required. 
  6. OTHER PAYMENT NOTES FOR ALL - If you order is a live transport, you may be allowed to pay the balance upon arrival, but, you must pay for delivery costs and a deposit up front unless you are on a regular route (SC, parts of NC and GA only).  Live delivery charges are non-refundable. If you are not in the local area, you willl need to arrange your shipment with a trucking company directly. We can recommend one Myrtle Beach carrier only. Air shipped stock is guaranteed live arrival.  If stock does not survive shipping and the loss is not caused by the shipper, you will have the order replaced or credited once you file any necessary claims with the shipper and a claim of loss with us as described in the terms and coditions of the L.A.G.
  7. Live arrival guaranteed.  HOWEVER, YOU MUST COMPLY WITH THE TERMS OF THE GUARANTEE!  If you do not comply with all the terms, you are entitled to NOTHING! Our policy is replacement most of the time or credit for alternative available stock or credit for the following season if the collection of replacements is not possible due to the seasonal availability.  This is another reason to order before the season and take delivery EARLY in the season to assure replacements.  This is critical with public aquaria or aquarium companies where a system collapse error or shipper problem could necessitate replacements.  This is exceptionally crucial with aquarium openings and large private tanks.  This is another reason you should have acclimation facilities for public displays. Shipper mishandling does not result in a refund nor do we accept responsibility for any mishandling by any third party involved in transport and shipping of your order. We will file the insurance claim with them but a shipper error does not result in a refund. The only exception is that if you arrange shipment or do your own transport, our guarantee does not cover your arrangments or transport or shipment. Our LAG covers you with credit or replacement if we arrange shipment to your airport or facility.
  8. We do not store sharks for clients except by special arrangement and compensation.  You may ask that we hold portions of an order until the order is complete.  But if you aren't ordering thousands of dollars of stock, do not bother to ask.  WE CANNOT tie up our tanks holding fish separately for you.  Making an order plan is done to facilitate the quick and fastidious collection, quarantine and transfer of your order to you.  If we are holding and feeding your order, that costs money.  Therefore, in any case that we hold fish or animals for you, there will be a weekly storage charge.  It takes time and money to set up extra tanks here to hold animals.  Plus, you are expecting us to be responsible for your order during holding (which is usually during hurricane season).  That places more financial liability on us not simply base cost.  Therefore, if part of your order is not in stock or is collected to order, you will need to take shipment on the available portion of your order and get the rest when it passes quarantine.  Any sales agreement is based upon your acceptance of the order or portion thereof at the time that it passes out of quarantine.  Any holding after quarantine will result in a weekly holding fee that will reflect the value of the stock not simply the cost of feeding them.
  9. You must accept that not only is collection seasonal but NOAA NIMFS now makes artificial collections seasons ("windows for collection") for EACH AND EVERY species of North Atlantic sharks.  if you fail to order early enough in the year and the federal government closes down the fishing season for your order before it is collected, you will have to wait until the following year's season reopens.  This is entirely out of our control and has little to do with actual availability.  Their arbitrary collection windows may not coincide with our annual historic collection periods on certain species.  You must plan ahead and accept the inevitable and uncontrollable government regulation of your order and understand that we are NOT LIABLE for a seasonal closure date.  Dates of closures are announced after the fact at times and are not known well ahead of the date picked.
  10. ATTENTION BROKERS:  You must identify that you are a broker or buyer and NOT a public aquarium to receive pricing or bids.  Also, if you are procuring an all inclusive bid with freight to a foreign country, there will be a bid fee you must pay before we begin gathering freight quotes for that bid.  We have lost too much time and money doing complete bids for brokers who should be able to get their own freight estimates and document fees and costs.  The bid fee will be credited to your order payment once you order if said order is placed within 6 months of the bid.  Also, if you fail to identify yourself as a broker during the bid process, there will be a penalty fee added to your order.  You can identify the aquarium you are bidding for as the final client and IT WILL BE REQUIRED for the permit for restricted or protected species.  You should not, however, represent yourself as working for the public aquarium during their bid solicitation process!  Be forthright with us and we will do the same for you.

We have developed these policies for the fair treatment and protection of you, the buyer, and us, the supplier.  You should contact us with the order you would like to place and we will arrange a payment method, shipping date and finalize the manner of ordering and the payment prior to you sending us any money. 

You will also be expected to provide information in your order.  You must also provide a cellular phone number for the person picking up any shipment from the airport.  If you are a jobber, reseller, or retailer, you will be expected to supply complete contact information and your business information including street address.

You will be required to email us a photo of your system prior to ordering.  We will not send sharks to people with systems that are too small.  A picture of your system is the fastest and safest way to confirm your hobby and suitability for a shark.  Also, individuals trying to resell sharks will be separated from retail clients.  All sharks sold to private aquarists are not for resale especially, interstate resale as reselling will violate some laws based upon which state is involved. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We cannot be responsible for legal issues and game laws in your area as there is no provision for resale by unlicensed retail clients! Also, collection of sharks is affected by environmental conditions that are beyond our control.  Therefore, replacements may not be available in a timely fashion and even initial collection can be delayed by such variables as hurricanes and El Nino.  Therefore if your schedule does not allow for such contingencies, you must notify us prior to deposit as deposits are non-refundable.  Alternative credit is acceptable in certain cases at our discretion with approval by both parties.  Equal or fair value trade or credit can be offered with approval.  Further, we are not responsible for carrier or airline failures or delays or government delays that hazard your shipment.  Lastly, all orders must be picked up within 30 minutes of the time the shipment is marked "ready for pickup" by the airline or there is no guarantee of live arrival!

Public aquaria, pet shops, and wholesalers - Include your name, title, telephone number and the aquarium for which you work.
Private aquarists, hobbyists and fish keepers - Include your name, address, phone, aquarium dimensions, and attach at least one picture of your aquarium.  This information is required to assure that you are not another wannabe competitor trying to get a pricelist or someone who does not even have an aquarium who just wishes to waste our time.  Without this information, we will not waste time responding to an email. 
If you wish to find out the availability of an order or inquire as to the collection of an order, please, email usYOU MUST PROVIDE THE DIMENSIONS OF YOUR TANK IN YOUR EMAIL.  We don't care about gallons, just physical dimensions.  A million gallon system can be made from a 3 foot diameter column.  So, gallons do not tell us anything about your system's suitability for sharks.  Provide actual dimension in feet!

If you have read the above, and our shipping policies and are ready to order, please, email us at or call us.

Anything less would be highway robbery or straight up fraud.  Anyone who cannot guarantee live delivery of the fish they ship does not know sharks well enough to be in this business.  NOTE: Your order must be accepted by you within 30 minutes of the time the shipment is marked "ready for pickup" by the airline or there is no guarantee of live arrival!
(Public Aquaria will get a replacement shark or receive credit towards other purchases or stock of equal value. Please, see the terms of your purchase agreement.)