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We are currently offering a version of the diet we feed our sharks.  It is sold directly to you online and shipped to you frozen, overnight delivery.

Our food formula is an integrated diet the mimics the natural food sources of the given species of shark.  It is readily accepted by the sharks because it is what they are accustomed to eating in the wild.  The only difference is that we cut out the oily fishes that could clog up your filtration system.

Our formula can be used as your shark's main diet or a supplement to your usual supply of food to round out their diet.  A fish only diet for sharks is not the best diet for every species.

Please, Email to Order Now.  We are working on a dispensing system that will make feeding simple and sanitary.  ALL ingredients are the highest quality seafood.  By this we mean that the food is mixed fresh and frozen immediately and should EXCEED the quality of seafood sold in your local supermarket or fish market.
If we won't eat it, your shark shouldn't either!

The Shark Bait name for food is copyrighted by Ken Moran, 2000.