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We maintain proper permits for all sharks.  We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers.
We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria.

Anything less would be highway robbery or straight up fraud.  Anyone who cannot guarantee live delivery of the fish they ship does not know sharks well enough to be in this business.
Quality is the defining feature of character!
(*Please, see the full terms in your purchase agreement.)

NOTE: Your order must be accepted by you within 30 minutes of the time the shipment is marked "ready for pickup" by the airline or there is no guarantee of live arrival!

Shipping report: California bag shipments of obligate swimmer sharks are not recommended.  Please, find an aquarium in the TX or IL that can store then reship to you or function as a depot.  Otherwise, shipping by truck is recommended.


We can truck ship, air ship, or allow you to arrange pick up of animals.  You can arrange transport of your whole order with your own designated or desired freight hauler.  Just send out the tractor to our facility for pickup and have the order delivered to your door.  Return our transport tanks when complete if you do not have transport tanks.  IF you hold our transport on your site for additional acclimation, you will be assessed rental fees for the time the equipment is tied up.  On small or single animal shipments, you can, of course, opt for airline shipping.  It is often the most economical for single animal orders.  For airline shipping the live arrival guarantee terms are described below.


Your orders must go by airline unless you have the ability and know how to arrange a shipment via a ship.  Airfreight of sharks and other delicate animals can be protected or insured by paying more freight and using our larger shipping containers.  We will suggest to you the safest and most economical options for having your order transported to you even if it entails sending our shark wrangler with the order.  For airline shipping the live arrival guarantee terms are described below ONLY if we tender the sharks to the airline or sea vessel.  If you use an outside shipper or other broker or third party, they will be responsible for the sharks from the time that they take possession of your order.


We ship most sharks from airport to airport (public aquarium shipments may be live transport to your door.  Contact us if you are a public aquarium).  We use direct flights as much as possible.  You will have to pick up your shark from the airport in your area.  We will email you detailed instructions for a shark pick up.  There are a few things you should know.  You will probably not need special equipment though some things might be good to have.  We will give you suggestions for protecting your sharks.

You should also NOT need any special transport tanks!  You simply transport the shipping container to your system as fast as you can.  We will also explain acclimation to you so that your animal is not unduly stressed.  YOU MUST follow our acclimation procedures in order for us to stand behind the shark and any special offer or warrantee that we provide.  Acclimation procedures are supplied after payment is received and prior to shipment.

We can ship by air anywhere in the world.  We DO stand behind our Hammerhead shipments as long as you take delivery during the season when replacements are available.  End of season replacements must be collected during the next available season.  Buy with confidence.  Our quality is a measure of our character!

If the sharks are DOA, you must


  2. You must call us and report any loss within 15 minutes of receiving a shipment at the airport. You must text us a photograph at that time from the airport of the DOAs.

  3. You must have the counter person or aircargo employee observe the damaged box or loss. They must sign or initial the back of your AWB or a sheet of paper identifying that the animal is DOA and that they observed that it was DOA.

  4. Your order must be accepted by you within 30 minutes of the time the shipment is marked "ready for pickup" by the airline or there is no guarantee of live arrival!

  5. Record the water temperature at the counter of the airport.  If the water temperature is 80 degrees F or higher OR below 65 degrees F, then, the death is due to shipping company mishandling and you must file a claim on the spot or begin the claim by having the counter person sign off on the actual temperature at that time. 

  6. If the bag is ruptured, the box is punctured, crushed or broken, then, you must assume the shipper is at fault and file the claim at the counter. 

  7. Test the ammonia and pH level of the water.

  8. Preserve the fish in salt (one 33 cent container of salt should be enough) then freeze the fish and immediately ship it back to us.

PRIVATE AQUARISTS: You will be asked to provide a lot of information about your identity and your system.  You will also need to email us a photo of you and your system before we will discuss any price not already posted on this web site.  We will not sell you a shark that is too large for your system.  If you find this requirement a nuisance, you should try and buy elsewhere.  You cannot understand how many requests for sharks and prices we get from home aquarists who do not have a real shark tank set up.  Those inquiries waste our time and money.  That is why we require the photos.  No photos, no response.  You should also know that there are certain species that we cannot sell you because of laws or because they are simply too pricey for you.  For now, please, contact us by email.  Provide your phone number and we can call you back.  We will not be posting our phone number yet as we do not wish to be overwhelmed with calls.  If you have an adequate system and you really want a shark, you will comply with our requests and you will probably be able to own the shark of your dreams. 


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Collection of sharks is affected by environmental conditions that are Beyond our control.  Therefore, replacements may not be available in a timely fashion and even initial collection can be delayed by such variables as hurricanes and El Nino.  Therefore if your schedule does not allow for such contingencies, you must notify us prior to deposit as deposits are non-refundable.  Alternative credit is acceptable in certain cases at our discretion with approval by both parties.  Equal or fair value trade or credit can be offered with approval.  Further, we are not responsible for carrier or airline failures or delays or government delays that hazard your shipment.

NOTE: Your order must be accepted by you within 30 minutes of the time the shipment is marked "ready for pickup" by the airline or there is no guarantee of live arrival!
REMEMBER WHEN HANDLING SHARKS: SELLER ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURIES INCURRED IN THE HANDLING OF THIS ANIMAL OR ANY STATE LAWS APPLICABLE IN THE CITY OF THE BUYER. In handling sharks wear heavy thick leather or Kevlar gloves at the least. This will not protect from a puncture wound every time, but, will prevent a serious slashing wound.