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We maintain proper federal and state permits for all sharks.  We are not fly by night amateurs or poachers.
We are skilled pros with more than 15 years in shark collection for aquaria.


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Fresh collected quality scavengers!
(AKA Ilyanassa obsoleta or Ilyanassarius obsoleta, but still considered Nassarius by leading molluscan researchers for decades.)

Need something to eat the leftovers, micro-algae, and clean your tank sand, rock or refugium???

These are adult and juveniles, most about 1/2 inch.  They are not polished shells as you see as they are not all from sand flats.  However, the shells will clean up in your system.  They are active and voracious cleaners.  You can see a little 15 second video here, once I have time to upload it.  These little guys are raring to go and tough as nails.  They can tolerate the full range of temperatures from less than 50 degrees F to over 85 degrees.  These do, in fact, live in water over 85 degrees in the hotest summer days over 100 degrees air temperatures.  The average summer temperatures for this species is 80 degrees.  They thrive in all conditions and we keep them at 75 degrees in our tanks. 

Accused of having a shorter life span at temperatures over 65 degrees, I have to question that claim.  Considering that the water temperatures they have in our state is over 65 degrees over 7 months of the year and those in North Florida see higher temps for longer months, it seems questionable that they are any more at risk than N. vibex.  While N. vibex may sustain a higher annual temperature, more research must be done to prove that heat stress occurs at 65 degrees and whether that stress actually shortens life span.  It is more likely that reef keepers and home aquarists will be the final researchers in this matter if they log the survival rates of this species.  However, we do disclose this contraversy to be be open and fair even though we consider it an unproven claim.  If anyone can cite a current study involving captive life spans, we'd love to review it.  But, until someone publishes one, we have been well satisfied with the survival rates of this species and the wild survival speaks for itself.

They love to burrow in sand or other soft substrate.  They will power through turning your substrate over and creating a healthier more natural system with less maintenance.  I love a mix with cleaners and algae as the cleaners convert the debris to produce nitrates which the algae in turn will eat.  Check out my other auctions of shrimp and algae.  The more like the ocean your tank is, the better the quality and health of your pets.

They will ship priority mail for just $6!!!  We don't skimp on these guys. 

LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED!  If the shipment is dead on arrival (almost impossible with these toughies), you ship them back and we will replace & reship the order.  Just make certain to email us a picture (within an hour of arrival) of the dead shipment, repackage them in a little ziplock bag with a quarter of the bag as table salt within 24 hours.  We will reship as soon as I receive the returned shipment. 

Priority Shipping is just $6 for small orders!  Bulk or large wholesale orders will go out in Flat rate boxes or whatever the freight and box charge is for the actual shipment.  Email us for orders of 500 or more for pricing.  Include your company name and address, website if you have one.
If the shipment arrives dead for any reason, you must take a photo within 60 minutes of the declared arrival time and email it to us immediately to qualify for replacement.

Under construction. Please, email your needs and we will email back a quote ASAP!

PLEASE NOTE: Priority Mail Shipping to the Continental US is included free in all BUYNOW button purchases.  If you order multiple items and there is less shipping cost involved, we will add in extra stuff free to your order to make up the difference.  We will box them in a foam inner box and include chill packs to protect the shipment during the heat on overnight shipments.

The "Live arrival guarantee" on these feeder animals requires a photograph of the dead shipment taken within 30 minutes of the stated delivery time and emailed to us within one hour of delivery to confirm the loss.  You are responsible for the replacement shipping costs unless the PO damaged the shipment in which case you must file the report so that we can get the postage back for your replacement shipment.


Nassarius Snails- Mud Snails

 50 Nassarius Snails - $16.99
120 Nassarius Snails - $32.99
250 Nassarius Snails - $49.99


SPECIAL OFFER: Recommend us on a Bulletin Board or Forum online and get some free cleaners added to your order!!! Just send us the link to verify your posted recommendation of this page and we'll add to your next order!

We are planning to add Mysis Shrimp, Jellyfish and other food & live prey items to our menu.  If there is a specific marine or fresh feeder animal that you need and don't see here, email us and ask about it.  Chances are if its in the Atlantic or the Southeast, we can get it for you.

You should never buy sharks from anyone selling or collecting them illegally.
If you know that you are buying an illegal animal, you may face federal as well as state charges if prosecuted.
Fish and game laws protecting these animals are being enforced.
Federal and state sentences have been handed out to violators in the past.


Anything less would be highway robbery or straight up fraud.  Anyone who cannot guarantee live arrival of the fish they ship does not know sharks well enough to be in this business.
(Public Aquaria will get a replacement shark or receive credit towards other purchases or stock of equal value. Please, see the terms of your purchase agreement.)
If you can't house it, don't keep it!!!